Services Offered



We provide post operative and non-operative rehabilitation services . This setting provides a great opportunity to work with individuals at all phases of rehabilitation including initial post injury/surgery treatment all the way through high level strength training and plyometrics. Take a look under our photos tab to see our facility.

Return to Sport

Late phase high level rehabilitation in preparation to return to athletics requires specialized care and attention, as well as a facility that can handle the demands of sport. Even if you did your main rehabilitation at another location, there is often a gap between discharge and effectively and safely returning to sport. Return to Sport Training is focused on helping the athlete return to their previous level of play safely and effectively while attempting to minimize the risk of future injury due to muscular imbalances and poor mechanics. This includes working closely with the coach and athlete to help the athlete re-integrate into training with his or her team during a safe time-line and minimizing the risk of re-injury



Movement Screens

Screening can be useful to assess individuals, groups or teams for common risk factors associated with injuries. Screenings can take place at our facility, or you can schedule a therapist to come ‘on-site’ to evaluate each athlete individually as they perform a series of fundamental movements that pertain to their particular sport. A write-up of all the findings and suggestions for moving forward will be explained and given to each coach.


We provide educational opportunities for patients, coaches, trainers and other healthcare providers. Take a look at our EDUCATION tab for more information on upcoming events and how to schedule an event for your group or facility. CEU credits available for multiple disciplines



Personal/Group Training

With a complete understanding of your impairments, human anatomy, sports physiology, biomechanics and your goals, our therapists can develop a program that is safe, effective and specific to you. In clinic and remote programming available. Call for more information

Event Medical Coverage

We offer medical coverage for special events, competitions, races and tournaments. Call or email for more information.