Cascade Soccer
Cascade Sports; Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy, LLC specializes in treating the active individual of all ages (pediatric to geriatric) and abilities (weekend warrior to professional). We rehabilitate a wide variety of orthopedic injuries as well as bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Cascade Sports provides a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored in to the injury taking place.
  • I cannot thank you enough for all your help this year as I prepared for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games. We battled quite a few injuries – from a sprained MCL and Baker’s Cyst rupture behind my right knee to bicep and hip flexor tendinitis. Competition CrossFit puts big demands on the body and you helped me keep it all together! What makes you an exceptional Physical Therapist is your kind demeanor and devotion to your clients. On more than one occasion you personally sacrificed your dinner, sleep or family engagement for my needs or those of other clients. Justin, thanks for not only being a great PT, but an awesome person as well.
  • Over winter break my team, the Colorado Stars, worked with Justin Dudley (with Cascade Sports).  We did a lot of strengthening and agility activities. Justin kept us interested by changing up everything we did. He really pushed us even when we wanted to quit. My whole team is a lot stronger. I am a catcher and my throws to second base are hard and straight. Every practice and before a game we do a bunch of stretches and exercises with our bands. There is authority and power behind our hits. Base running has gotten a lot better too. Our team is tall and dorky, so working on agility, core strength, and balance really helped us. If you want to get into shape, Justin is the person to do it. We learned a lot of really good techniques to prevent injuries. I can’t wait to work with Justin next winter!!
  • 13 months ago I broke my lower tibia and fibula in a soccer accident. I had a rod inserted into my leg that spans from my knee to my ankle as well as several screws. I was told from day one that I may or may not be able to compete athletically at the level I used to. After 4 months of being in a walking boot and not making any progress in what I would now consider mediocre Physical Therapy I became fairly confident that I would never participate in any sport at an aggressive level; that’s when I met Justin. After only a few Physical Therapy sessions with Justin I had made larger strides in my recovery than I had in months previous. Justin’s knowledge of Sports Medicine made all the difference. We worked on basic strength training just as I would with any Physical Therapist but Justin took it a step further and integrated agility, flexibility, mental conditioning and everything else. In my case we worked on soccer and snowboarding specific exercises since those are the sports I compete in. I am told the average recovery time of my injury is 12 months. I have been competing at the level I was prior to my injury since last month (10 months after my date of injury) and I contribute this to the superior (and grueling) Physical Therapy with Justin. Thanks Justin, I couldn’t have done it with out you!
  • Justin Dudley was my Physical Therapist for my 2nd (back-to-back) ACL and meniscus repair and reconstruction. Justin was very flexible with my schedule as I travel a lot for work. He is a genuinely caring person and truly wanted me to work hard so I could recover quickly and be back to my full potential on the playing field. Being that this was my second surgery in 8 months, I was extremely cautious, nervous and skeptical, but Justin reassured me every day I met with him that my knee was doing great, he would check up on me often, and he helped to build my confidence by having me do difficult soccer drills and movements that would proved to me my knee was strong and stable. Justin is a no-nonsense guy when it comes to rehabbing your body, which is exactly what I needed. He pushed me to work hard during our sessions and stressed the importance of doing my exercises at home. He focused my workouts and knee exercises towards the sports I play (Soccer, Volleyball, and skiing) so that when it came time to play again, my knee would be strong and stable in quick, lateral movements. I am now back on the mountain skiing, and on soccer field and volleyball court playing with confidence. Justin is a wonderful Physical Therapist and a great friend. I trust him completely with my knee and well-being and I highly recommend his services.
  • - Becky Conzelman, Elite CrossFit competitor and CrossFit Games Athlete
  • - MacKenzie J. - Catcher/Short Stop, Colorado Stars
  • Mike Gordon - competitive soccer player and snowboarder
  • Tessa May-Fraser - Division I Soccer Player