We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Rehabilitation – We provide post operative and non-operative rehabilitation services at our facility located inside the FAST Sports Conditioning training facility. This setting provides a great opportunity to work with individuals at all phases of rehabilitation including initial post injury/surgery treatment all the way through high level strength training and plyometrics. Take a look under our photos tab to see our facility.
  • Return to sport training – Following an injury and standard rehabilitation, there is often a gap between discharge from therapy (that insurance is willing to pay for) and being ready to safely and effectively return to sport. Return to Sport Training is focused on helping the athlete return to their previous level of play safely and effectively while attempting to minimize the risk of future injury due to muscular imbalances and poor mechanics. This includes working closely with the coach and athlete to help the athlete re-integrate into training with his or her team during a safe time-line and minimizing the risk of re-injury.
  • Team and individual movement screens – A physical therapist will come ‘on-site’ to evaluate each athlete individually as they perform a series of fundamental movements that pertain to their particular sport. A write-up of all the findings and suggestions for moving forward will be explained and given to each coach.
  • Informative lectures for players, parents, and coaches – Lectures will take a look at current available research and evidence on sports injury prevalence, causes and prevention. Most lectures include a lab/demonstration portion using athletes from the team or club.
  • On field individual and team trainings – Coaches or individuals that would like help implementing an injury prevention program can have one of our therapists come in and run a session or series of sessions that focus on injury prevention, correction of biomechanics and sports performance.
  • Onsite medical care (tournaments, games, camps) – Medical coverage for various sporting events from a team of top level acute sports injury professionals. Services include; taping, sports massage, emergency medical services, first aide, medical consulting.


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